Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas’ director discusses importance of Al-Amoudi arrest in anti-corruption crackdown

November 20, 2017

– Published 07 November, 2017

Breaking News: Ethiopian business mogul detained for corruption

In Joakim Demmer’s Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas, we meet Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi, an Ethiopian-born business mogul and one of the key investors in Saudi Star Agricultural Development PLC, a food company whose farm in the midst of a national park in Ethiopia’s Gambella region, has led to an explosion of violence and thousands of civilians fleeing over the border to South Sudan.

This past weekend, Al-Amoudi, among others, was arrested in an anti-corruption crackdown by the Saudi Arabia government. You can read more about Al-Amoudi and his detainment here.

Al-Amoudi is the richest man in Ethiopia and second richest in Saudi Arabia, but also one of the biggest foreign investors in Sweden, most notably associated with Midroc and Preem.

From director Joakim Demmer:

— We hope that Al Amoudi’s arrest also will put the focus on his actions in Gambella pictured in our film. Many critical questions – the involvement of Midroc Europe in the building of the farm and foremost – justice for the displaced local people. It is crucial that this moment is used to facilitate an important discussion around not only Al Amoudi and Saudi Star’s actions, but a broader discussion about what these kind of investments mean for indigenous people around the world. We urge you to join in on this conversation.

The detention of Al Amoudi might mean a stop of Saudi state funds to the Saudi Star farm, without which it hardly will be able to survive. 

| Source: WG Film