Lefu: The Funeral

9 min |

When Mpho Molotsi loses his mother to Covid-19, he is devastated to lose not only his closest relative, but also a confidant. The film is a portrait of final goodbyes, and follows Mpho and his family as they make final rites amidst the regulatory restrictions for burials during Covid-19.

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Lindela Under Lockdown

8 min |

During level 5 of the national lockdown a Congolese man is detained at Lindela, the largest facility for the holding of undocumented migrants in South Africa. In an effort to expose the gross human rights violations that he is subjected to, and the lack of safety regulations around Covid-19, he leaks cell phone video footage to his older brother on the outside.

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Jeannette Makes Masks

6 min |

During the Covid-19 lockdown Jeannette Niyidufasha started making Covid-19 protective masks from home with the support of her husband. After her usual business trading closed due to lockdown, she donated extra masks to the unemployed out in the street. Her anxiety around the virus and mask wearing is increased as her daughter heads back to school during the pandemic.

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Schools Shut Down

7 min |

Buhle Mdluli is one of the brightest students in her school in Orange Farm who aspires to study medicine. During the Covid-19 lockdown, she and her school friends try to maintain their education through online learning with limited access to devices or the internet while schools remain closed.

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