Generation Africa

Boubé of the Fulani

27 min |

Boubé and his Fulani tribe prepare for the seasonal migration with his tribe, an adventure that has sparked conflict over the recent years as water and grazing shrinks due to climate change. He has a plan to approach the tensions differently this time, in the hopes of finding a new way to co-exist.

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New Boats

49 min |

Tombo village has relied on fishing for centuries but now their livelihood is threatened by the arrival of Asian trawlers who over-fish on their shores. Sullay, the son of a master fisherman tries to carry the family tradition and resist the pull to leave the village and look for work as fish decline. Community organiser, Woodie, reunites wives with their husbands who have left.

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72 |

Twin sisters Husinatu and Hassanatu decide to escape the bad economic prospects by emigrating to the middle East to become domestic workers. Despite the negative experiences Husinatu had previously in the same adventure, they are adamant that this is the only way out of the expectations of their conservative Muslim family.

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Footsteps of a Migrant

72 |

Twin sisters Adama and Awa fulfil a lifelong dream to learn what happened to their migrant father who left them when they were young. They travel from Senegal to Guinea-Bissau and Burkina Faso to connect with their father’s other families and through the journey, find their own identity.

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Stay Up

35 min |

Mariam, a survivor of childhood sexual abuse in Mali, escapes to Burkina Faso. Using dance and choreography, she sets out on a path of healing by confronting her demons and finds resilience to build a new life.

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African Moot

85 min |

An annual mock trial contest hosts human rights law students drawn from top universities across Africa. This year,as they argue in cases regarding refugee law, these bright young students offer us a glimpse into the frustration and optimism of each of them determined to win. The cases show the potential of Africa’s future legal thought leaders.

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Fati’s Choice

42 min |

Fati, unhappy with her prospects as an irregular migrant, returned from Italy to take care of her five children. She faces stigma with gossiping neighbours and friends, who paint her as a failure. She forges ahead but can she cope amid a failed marriage, her children being taken away, and dire financial constraints? Alone and rejected, will she regret coming back home or succeed in her primary aim of getting the children back?

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Home Again

36 min |

Paabi is deported from Libya on his second attempt to get to Europe. Determined to use the €1000 reintegration grant to build a life in the Gambia and not need to try and migrate again, he is faced with obstacles. Will he succeed or give up like many youth who are eventually forced to leave?

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Mary Monday

14 min |

Mary Monday works as a journalist for a Ugandan news station, researching, recording and editing stories about the lives of refugees in Uganda using only her mobile phone powered with a small solar panel. A refugee herself, Mary’s work ensures that refugees and displaced people are able to remain connected through mass media.

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Katanga Nation

26 min |

Enkehone, naive but ambitious and from rural Ethiopia, lives in a hostel in the bustling neighbourhood of Katanga. His host, Amele, lives in the back room of the dorms she rents out. As the path to his dreams unfold in uncertainty, Enkehone witnesses the raw, chaotic, and captivating life of his host family and their community in the last days of Katanga before it is engulfed by the monstrous construction of Addis Ababa.

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Almost Somali

33 min |

Set in Nairobi’s Little Mogadishu, a popular YouTube content creator considers what it means to be Somalian. His Somali peers are either born in Somalia, in Kenya or in the diaspora in the West – all of which have an impact on how each of them understands or claims their belonging and Somali identity.

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24 min |

On board the Clando bus, a clandestine means of travel for the English-speaking minority that travels to the French-speaking cities of Cameroon for economic opportunities we meet different characters whose stories help us to understand the tensions in a nation divided.

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Njel, the Separation

22 min |

Manuela, intelligent and enthusiastic at school, yet sad at home, is eleven years old and preparing for her first certificate. She lives in Edéa, Cameroon, with her grandparents who do not understand why their granddaughter is dissatisfied as she a does not want for anything. Manuela’s parents abandoned her to work abroad for their daughter’s better future, but Manuela could not understand or accept this situation when she was four years old. Today, she shows us how to live with the absence, to question her parents, and maintain remote contact.

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