New Broadcast Date: Oliver Tambo 17.12.17 @ 21:30CAT #AfriDocsOnBET

November 27, 2017

In a powerful broadcast event, AfriDocs on BET is proud to present the WORLD PREMIERE of the just completed biopic: Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg.

Additionally, the film will be available to stream for FREE via the #AfriDocsAnytime on the AfriDocs website, for a limited catch-up period from December 18th – 28th.

This unique film comes at a unique time in SA’s history ­– as the current ANC heads into its elective conference, we are given the rare opportunity for insight into the life, ethos and politics of Oliver Tambo, the leader of the ANC that was instrumental in bringing an end to apartheid.

The broadcast of the film that has just recently completed, celebrating this 100th year of Oliver Tambo’s birth, could not come at a more opportune moment, with the entire southern African region focused on political upheaval and the toppling of established leaders and parties.

Albie Sachs, the Executive Producer of the film has this to say of its upcoming screening,

“The Oliver and Adelaide Tambo Foundation would like to express its support for the upcoming screening of Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg on AfriDocs on BET on December 10th. As South Africa heads into one of its most important political transitions, it is more important than ever to remember and to honour the values and beliefs of Oliver Tambo. This film is an intimate and personal look at the life of Oliver Tambo including rarely seen footage of Tambo in action. This is a spirited, lively and eminently watchable film that brings Oliver Tambo to life on-screen, with moving and poignant interviews from Chris Hani, Kenneth Kaunda and members of the Tambo family. More than just a documentary, the film immerses one in a specific time and place, bringing the spirit of Oliver Tambo to life for a new generation.

The film shows not the politics of the man, but also shines a light a life lived on principles of ethics, compassion, inclusion and social justice and equality. We hope this film is seen by as many people as possible and we are actively supporting efforts to make it as accessible as possible.”

Don Edkins, Director of STEPS also stresses the importance of the film screening at this time,

“AfriDocs has always focused on the power of documentary films to tell the important stories of the day. For South Africa today there could not be a more important story to reflect on the sacrifices and humanity of giants like OR Tambo who brought us democracy, and the premiere of this film, a week ahead of the ANC’s elective conference is a huge opportunity to make a difference through broadcasting.”

Directed by Connie Field, the film tells the inside story of political comrades and law partners who were to share a common destiny: Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo.

Banned in South Africa, Tambo led the liberation struggle in exile from 1960-1990 while Nelson Mandela was imprisoned on Robben Island. During those 30 years he not only kept the African National Congress (ANC) unified, and led his movement both inside and outside South Africa in a successful battle against apartheid, his calls to the international community to isolate and sanction the South African regime created the most globalised human rights struggle of the 20th century.

In the end, his actions released Nelson Mandela and laid the foundation for a new South Africa.  Suffering a stroke on the eve of success, OR would not live to see his livelong friend become the first black president of a democratic South Africa.

Oliver Tambo: Oliver Tambo: Have You Heard from Johannesburg will screen on BET Africa (Dstv channel 129) at a SPECIAL TIME on December 17th, 9:30pm with a re-broadcast at 1:25 on December 22nd.

The film will also be available on #AFRIDOCSANYTIME, for a LIMITED run Dec 18th – 28th.